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Robotic Dairy Farm


Ontario Pork Producers

Ontario Pork represents the 1,179 farmers who market 5.5 million hogs in the province. The organization is engaged in many areas, including research, government representation, environmental issues, consumer education and food quality assurance. Ontario Pork is the first livestock commodity group in the province to set social responsibility benchmarks, demonstrating pork producers’ commitment to sustainable farming. Ontario’s pork industry “farm to fork” generates $2.8 billion in economic output and 14,274 in full-time equivalent jobs. 

The Ontario Pork Producers’ Marketing Board (OPPMB) was formed in 1946 at the request of producers. The provincial government enacted the Ontario Hog Marketing Scheme - 1946 under the Farm Products Control Act.

Grey-Bruce Pork Producers’ Association

In 2019, there were 94 pork producers in the Grey-Bruce association, marketing more than 200,000 animals. The region is the fifth-largest in Ontario based on the number of producers, and seventh in terms of production.

Inside a modern pig farm (Southwestern Ontario):



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Sheep Shearing Demonstration

courtesy of Judy Shelley